Dear Antonio,

You have impacted me a lot by the way you talk and walk. You are truly amazing. It’s my great privilege to work with you when you were in India as I translate for you. I felt burning inside me when you speak. When you preached I felt fire. When you walk with authority to cast out demons it really challenged me how a servant of God should be in ministry. I still remember when we are in one village you said to me "come on let’s fight with this demon." You are great Man of God!

Antonio, thank you so much for showing me some verses regarding power in ministry and talents. I feel really blessed to know you and your family. Our children are still practicing to hear God's voice the way you have taught us.

Thank you. You are God's chosen family to burn people for His Glory.

Pastor Rajesh Velpula
Hyderabad, India
Dear Antonio,

Where to begin…First of all…thank you from the bottom of my heart for listening to God and having the Pursuit Conference! It was a LIFE CHANGING experience for me! For years I have struggled with doubts, fears, shame and condemnation! I have been pleading with God to help me and guide me. It amazes me to what extent God is willing to go... so that we will KNOW that He loves us! Sending his son, Jesus, to die for us should be enough... but sometimes we (at least I) allow Satan to whisper in my ear and tell me... "yeah...maybe he did that for others, but YOU are not "good enough"! It seemed as though God was speaking directly to me through each speaker and each song! I have not felt God's presence so powerfully in YEARS!!!! God spoke to my heart and said… I LOVE YOU! Yes, I knew he loved me before... but I felt as though He TRULY LOVED ME.

Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada

"I see you and Christelle as significant people in my life. The impact that you and Christelle have had on my Christian walk is transformational. The guidance, teaching and wisdom are invaluable to me and plays a huge part in who I am today. Thank you."

Natash Zyzalo
Auckland, New Zealand
“In all years I have never encountered Jesus in such a powerful way. He healed my heart. He restored my soul. He renewed my mind. He set me free from the chains to dance with joy again even in the middle of the storm. He restored my marriage and family. Today feels like a new day and a new beginning.”

Medicine Hat, Alberta. Canada

“Antonio and Christelle…the biggest breakthrough I had was after your session Antonio. I was completely captivated the entire time, you truly have a gift to be able to connect with each age group that was there listening. THANK YOU!!! I am pretty sure it will take a few months to process everything that happened this weekend.

Thank You for your dedication to this vision you have. It is mind blowing when you sit back and really think about it. Just seeing the peoples faces during the sessions and how you could tell they were getting fresh revelation and inspiration and letting go and taking things in was a blessing and a privilege to see...You both are an inspiration to me and people I very much look up to and I find myself looking to you as role models of how to live out what Christ wants/needs from me.

For the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU, and I pray endless blessings for you and your beautiful family!”

Red Deer, Alberta, Canada