MORAL REVOLUTION

                                           Antonio Baldovinos | Christian Life


We have been in a moral ruin. Think about it…

The moral collapse has crept in unnoticed for decades. Every sphere of society has felt its affects.

Men acting like women.

Women acting like men and are proud of it.

Gender identity confused at every front.

We currently have gender neutral bathrooms being pushed on our children and soon on every sphere of society. This chaos and confusion will bring about perversion and confusion unlike we have ever seen before. Anyone who speaks against this will be called an alarmist or intolerant.

Men don’t know how to act like men…

Should they open the door for women?

Should they get up when there aren’t any seats left and a woman walks in?

Should they take care of themselves first or last? 

Should they be engaged in the home or not?

Should they lead their lives and families in purity and spiritually or not?

Imagine a newly married couple today…

Are there any specific roles the Bible speaks of? 

Sex has no boundaries.

Contraception has replaced conception.

Pleasure has been separated from responsibility.

Cohabitation is looked upon as best rather then marriage.

The marriage bed is seen as slavery instead of oneness.

Desire confused and disconnected from true, covenantal love. Parenting is seen as a curse rather than a blessing.


What we need is a moral revolution.

The choices are ever before us.

Many are calling good, bad and bad, good. Only God determines what is good. 

We can’t just put paint on a rusty car. Only the blood of Jesus and a repentant heart can change that rust to be a brilliant new heart!

Let me share with you one major foundational principles in making a moral revolution.


“Do not be deceived, God cannot be mocked; for whatever a man sows this he will also reap. (Galatians 6:7)


I don’t believe anyone started out thinking they would end up addicted to pornography, or loosing their marriage or all the things they held valuable.

Our decisions have consequences that affect our children and can create a moral crisis in our kids. Girls are looking for men because their fathers never gave them the time and affection that they needed. Boys needing to solidify their identity by being with their Fathers.

There are little things that we let in our lives that seem subtle but eventually takes more ground.

Regardless, it is a slow process that spirals into total destruction of self worth, integrity, confidence, and intimacy with our Creator.

It’s also the conversations of peoples experiences and opinions that are not based on the Bible.

Through sitcoms, TV, Movies, Video Games, music and other online sources we tolerate sowing to the flesh by the images and sounds these give and this will produce fruit.

We become desensitized to the power of immorality- we watch fornication, homosexuality, adultery, and sexual immorality of all kinds. Our defense mechanisms are getting broken down little by little to eventually taking over our lives and we will, inevitably act out what we watch, see and hear. We become what we behold.

We become fascinated by what we see and eventually we will worship what we admire.

If we think we can handle it, it’s a sure sign we are deceived.

 Its not the violent hitting us, but it’s the dulling that puts us to sleep!

This is a time to stand for moral righteousness in our personal lives, homes and in our generation. This is not a time to bend to all the cravings that society is speaking and confusing everyone. Look at the pages of the Bible to moral truth and live by it.