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                                HOW TO MAKE YOUR LIFE COUNT

                                        Antonio Baldovinos | Christian Life



That statement may sound odd but its so true.

You and I are writing history. I’m regularly reminded of what Winston Churchill once said, “History will be kind to me, for I intend to write it.”

And Mr. Churchill did. He wrote history and he’s looked upon today as a wise leader that saved Britain.

Our life’s story is written by the choices that we make in the midst of all the seasons of our life.

Another important aspect of writing our autobiography is that we oftentimes exaggerate the Past, Overestimate the Future, Underestimate today.

I can reminisce about something in the past and it becomes glorious, bigger than it really was.

We overestimate what our futures will hold but we really minimize our present day.

God is inviting us to take a hold of today. Writing our history in such a way that will impact eternity.

Ephesians 5:15-16 says “See then that you walk wisely, not as fools but as wise, redeeming the time, because the days are evil.”

This verse is speaking about taking responsibility for our time. Walking wisely with the time that we have in the midst of evil days.


Proverbs 29:18 says “Where there is no vision, the people perish or live without restraint.”

Without an intentional, organized approach to time management, the gift of time can be easily squandered, leaving us with regret and a lack of fruit in our lives.

Where there is no vision, people cast off restraint. We need Clarity of where our life is headed. Undisciplined people have a vision problem, not a discipline problem.

I remember a few summers ago, we had a weed problem in our yard. I tried getting my three older sons to help me weed our yard.

We had thousands of dandelions due to being gone for several weeks.

Someone had cut our yard but the weeds were left untreated.

My sons lasted 10 minutes, then the complaining began, “it’s too hot”, “our backs hurt” and “I’m thirsty”.

So I tried something else, I offered my boys 10 cents for each weed pulled. As they looked at the the 1,000’s of weeds, suddenly they were motivated.

They had vision.  

They got to work.

Vision is a picture of a preferable future that will motivate you to perform today.

When I speak about vision, I’m not talking about when I’m old I hope I’m rich and happy. I’m talking about something much bigger than that.  

If you don’t have something to die for, you won’t have anything to live for.

Let me help us make a Life Vision and take a hold of not only 2016 but something that we can live for that affects eternity.


God has given each person valuable life resources. There are four main life resources:

1.   Your Time

2.   Your Affection

3.   Your Finances

4.   Your Talents

Money is powerful and makes a great impact, but time is life.

To squander time is to squander destiny.

You loose your destiny by squandering hours.

When making a life vision we need to have a focus on all the areas of our life, to have balance.


1.   Spiritual: Prayer, Bible Study, Worship, Fasting days, etc.

2.   Relational: Family (Immediate, extended), friends, co-workers, etc.

3.   Vocational: Marketplace calling, etc.

4.   Ministerial: Your ministry gifts and calling within the Church, outside the Church, etc.

5.   Financial: Including giving, saving, investing, spending, budget (income and expenses)

6.   Physical: Exercise, health, nutrition, food plan, etc

7.   Recreational: Rest, vacation, sports, fun, etc.

To manage your time, you have to develop it like character. You get better at it by practicing and focusing in on it.

Its very, very common to never connect time with your destiny. However, an aggressive approach to fulfill your destiny is done by managing your schedule. People talk about their dreams and about their destiny but they don’t connect it with their time.

To close, I want to end by leaving you some homework. I have done this with my own family. Even my nine-year-old daughter was a part of this assignment and we did this as a family and we loved it.

I want to invite you to take time today and write some things down.

1.   Write 3 things you would like to redo from 2015.

2.   What would you want your relationships to be like? Are there any relationships that need restoration? And which ones do you want to invest in?

3.   What do you want your heart to be like with God?

4.   What do you value? Person, Place, Things, Vocation, Ministry? Group?

5.   What would your ideal life be like?

6.   What would you want said at your funeral?

Take a hold of your life and make history!



Antonio Baldovinos | Leadership

Have you ever felt like there is so much to do, but not enough time to do it in? There are endless things that need to get done.

Where should you begin?


Whether it’s your business, ministry, family, or spiritual priorities, you must give whatever is most important, your most productive time.

There are priorities in each category; however each category in and of themselves need to be prioritized as well.

For example, for me my marriage and family are the greatest priorities in my life other than God. I have Friday night each week that is “family night” and Saturday night that is “date night.” I will not schedule anything else during those times and they are the most important appointments of my week. Rarely do I let my work, problems, or pressing issues, interfere with what I decided was a priority ahead of time.


So many people say yes to every opportunity and wind of inspiration that comes their way. The result is they never really doing anything well.

Have a vision statement for each area of your life. Any time you are struggling to know if you should or shouldn’t do something, go to your vision statement and see if it is within your vision and will help reach your vision.

If what is pressing you is not something that is part of your focus than just say “NO.” Too many people stretch themselves too thin trying to have it all. Figure out what you want and go after that by doing the things that will achieve that goal.

Having said this, keep in mind that it is great to give. Time is a way we can serve each other. If we are there to build the kingdom and we can serve others, it’s a great opportunity to operate in generosity with no strings attached.


As simple as it sounds, many go through life forgetting (or getting distracted by) non-relevant things simply because they don’t have a list.

Make a list for each day, starting with the most difficult thing first. If you to make lists on a regular basis of appointments and other pressing things, then all of the small things hanging around and weighing you down will get done. You will find you are more productive overall when you make lists, not to mention you will feel satisfied each day as you look at the things you have checked off your list.


Procrastination can trip up anyone’s goals and stop them from even happening at all.

Many people have wishful thinking; they hope to achieve big things while having an in-ability to even achieve the small, simply because they procrastinate and, as a result, months and years go by with nothing happening. Things get done by doing them; to ensure it gets done, do it right away.

Respond to emails, make the phone call, fill out the paperwork, write the letter. Whatever needs to get done, if it doesn’t conflict with your priorities, do it right away and you will find you have maximized your time.

We all have the same amount of minutes in a day and days in week. Don’t squander your destiny by squandering your minutes. Make the most of this life resource and maximize your time. 

One last thing, we all can get distracted and loose that focus and vision. So like me, I resign up to that vision that I feel is from God. I encourage you to re-sign up when things get distracted or you loose track!



          OPPORTUNITIES ARE LIKE BUS STOPS: How to stay focused

                               Antonio Baldovinos | Leadership

Opportunities are like bus stops. There is always another one coming.

Focus is a key ingredient to fulfilling goals, plans and destinies. 

Effective leaders put “first things first”. There are many things that can distract you. So re-signing up almost daily to your flight plan is critical. Things like crisis or opportunities try to take us away from our focus. 

You can’t ignore the urgent or the really important matters but you must learn to say “no” to other activities, even those that may seem urgent. “Things which matter most must never be at the mercy of things which matter least” – Johann Wolfgang von Goethe.   

Decide early on what is the highest importance and have the courage to simply say “no”. The best way to look at this is to have a bigger “yes” burning inside you. The enemy of “the best” often distracts with  “the good.” 

In my estimation most people have a lack of focus because they lack vision of where they want to go. Consequently they lack the discipline to get there. 

The basic problem is that their priorities are not implanted because their hearts don’t have a vision burning inside. When you have a vision burning inside you, you are unstoppable and no temptation, emergency, carrot opportunity will deter you from where you are going.

The person who has vision knows the destination and will make every appropriate decision to get there. 

When we want something, we can develop or establish a laser-like focus on it. So aim at only one thing, not multiple things. If something gets in the way that doesn’t support your vision, avoid it unless God has asked you to take it on. 

Effective leaders have focus because they have vision and the discipline to get there.

Here are some key points to help you stay focused: 

1.)  Start with a vision. Create an image of where you want to go. Write it down.

2.)  Make goals and create a plan to get there. Simple and easy.

3.)  Focus on your strengths, not shortcomings.

4.)  Zero in on your vision and work hard.

5.)  When bus stop opportunities come that don’t serve your vision “don’t jump on the bus”. Resist the temptation.

6.)  Remind yourself of your vision when it’s tough, or other things come up. If you didn’t reach your destination; keep the image alive of where you want to go.

I hope you enjoyed this. If you would like to receive regular updates and be connected with me more, simply subscribe to my email list.

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