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Antonio Baldovinos  | Excerpt from Living from the Inside Out

Too many Christians live their lives dictated by their outside experiences instead of the inner relationship with God. This thought may even be a foreign concept to you.

In Western cultures, we are so focused on feeding our minds and living out of our emotional realities than from the inside out with the Spirit of God.

What if this was not the correct way to live?

What if this was upside down and inside out? Would you change it?

I believe God is calling every one of us to a new orientation— a new way of living where the inner self with a vibrant spirit affects the outer self.

Spiritual growth occurs as our primary orientation for life makes a shift from natural experiences (our physical appetites, senses, and emotions) to our spirit.

We are spirit beings; we live in a body and posses a soul.

There is a great mystery that takes place when we give our lives wholly to Jesus.

The Holy Spirit (life Himself!) comes and we become born again. John 6:63 says, “It is the Spirit who gives life.” This is supernatural life that we get from the inside. Our spirit comes alive as the Holy Spirit comes and resides in our spirit.

This is mysterious and glorious all at the same time. This is the way forward in the Christian life. In Scripture the terms “to be led by” and “walk in” the Spirit are how we are to live from here on out.


I want you to picture a cup for a second. Your inner man is like a cup. The Spirit of God lives inside you and communicates with you; spirit to Spirit.

The Bible often uses phrases like:

  • “…my cup overflows.” (Psalm 23:5)
  • “May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace…”(Romans 15:13)
  • “Be filled with the Spirit…” (Eph. 5:18)

Why is this so important? This is so vital for our Christian walk because we are meant to live like this.

Jesus said, “Whoever believes in me, as Scripture has said, rivers of living water will flow from within them.“ (John 7:38)

Think about that. The Spirit of God is like a river flowing within us!

To be Spirit-filled is to have the Holy Spirit – the “oil of heaven” poured from God’s throne into your own being. This is why your inner really should overflow to affect everything outside!

Smith Wigglesworth once said, “We are no good if we only have a full cup. We need to have an overflowing cup all the time. It’s a tragedy not to live in the fullness of overflowing. See that you never live below the overflowing tide.”

This new book, Living from the Inside Out is entirely focused on helping, supporting and giving insight into living from this inside reality affecting our outside lives. This is the victorious way to live!

Living from the Inside Out comes out Monday, October 20 with worldwide release e-tailers. 

If you would like to read a preview click on the image below:




                                        WHO IS JESUS, MAN OR GOD?

                     Antonio Baldovinos   |   Excerpt from Living from the Inside Out


The most controversial person and most famous person in history is Jesus.

But who is Jesus? What is He like? What do you know of Him?

The title Jesus used in the Gospels most often about Himself is that He is the Son of Man (85 references). By using this title “Son of Man,” Jesus Christ emphasized two truths—that He was fully God and fully human. He is the God-man.

Why does this matter?

He is the only One who is God that can draw so near on a heavenly cloud to the Ancient of Days (the Father’s throne). Jesus was saying, “I am fully God yet fully human.” I am God and I am also one of you.

There is no one like Jesus Christ. In heaven, nor on earth, nor in the entire universe is there anyone like Him. Jesus Christ is fully God and fully man. He stands alone holding both dispositions, yet one. Jesus is divinely God, with the divine nature, there was no time He was created or didn’t exist. He was there from before time!

Jesus also was of human nature; He was the ideal man, the full embodiment that God intended God to be. Another way to say it is the Father and the Spirit are not human and no human being will ever be God. Jesus is the only One.

Ok, so how does that impact me?

The reason why God had to become man was to reconcile heaven and earth. Psalm 115:16 says “the heavens belongs to the Lord, but He gave the authority to man.”

To redeem humanity and the earth, there was no one who was qualified. The plan to redeem humankind was for God to become a man to reconcile heaven and earth as God intended.

Why is this so important for us to understand?

Christ became the Son of Man that we might become the children of God. He took upon Himself our human nature that we might be partakers of the divine nature to commune with Him. If we can’t partake of His divine nature, we can’t commune with Him.

The whole point of creation was to commune with Him.

You are His eternal companion, because He wrapped Himself in the garments of humanity and was crushed by the wrath of God because of His commitment and His longing for you.

Our new self is of a completely different identity when we are new creatures in Christ. Isn’t this so amazing?

“Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; old things have passed away; behold, all things have become new” (2 Cor. 5:17).

We were the descendants of Adam, but now we are part of a new race descended from Christ Jesus. That is why this is so important to know. We are therefore “partakers of the divine nature” (2 Peter 1:4). 




          OPPORTUNITIES ARE LIKE BUS STOPS: How to stay focused

                               Antonio Baldovinos | Leadership

Opportunities are like bus stops. There is always another one coming.

Focus is a key ingredient to fulfilling goals, plans and destinies. 

Effective leaders put “first things first”. There are many things that can distract you. So re-signing up almost daily to your flight plan is critical. Things like crisis or opportunities try to take us away from our focus. 

You can’t ignore the urgent or the really important matters but you must learn to say “no” to other activities, even those that may seem urgent. “Things which matter most must never be at the mercy of things which matter least” – Johann Wolfgang von Goethe.   

Decide early on what is the highest importance and have the courage to simply say “no”. The best way to look at this is to have a bigger “yes” burning inside you. The enemy of “the best” often distracts with  “the good.” 

In my estimation most people have a lack of focus because they lack vision of where they want to go. Consequently they lack the discipline to get there. 

The basic problem is that their priorities are not implanted because their hearts don’t have a vision burning inside. When you have a vision burning inside you, you are unstoppable and no temptation, emergency, carrot opportunity will deter you from where you are going.

The person who has vision knows the destination and will make every appropriate decision to get there. 

When we want something, we can develop or establish a laser-like focus on it. So aim at only one thing, not multiple things. If something gets in the way that doesn’t support your vision, avoid it unless God has asked you to take it on. 

Effective leaders have focus because they have vision and the discipline to get there.

Here are some key points to help you stay focused: 

1.)  Start with a vision. Create an image of where you want to go. Write it down.

2.)  Make goals and create a plan to get there. Simple and easy.

3.)  Focus on your strengths, not shortcomings.

4.)  Zero in on your vision and work hard.

5.)  When bus stop opportunities come that don’t serve your vision “don’t jump on the bus”. Resist the temptation.

6.)  Remind yourself of your vision when it’s tough, or other things come up. If you didn’t reach your destination; keep the image alive of where you want to go.

I hope you enjoyed this. If you would like to receive regular updates and be connected with me more, simply subscribe to my email list.




                      Antonio Baldovinos | Excerpt from Living from the Inside Out


Is this all there is to life? What are we really looking for? Have any of these thoughts come to your mind?

I have asked this question many times. All of humanity is asking and seeking to fulfill what they are here for. 

People keep looking in places that will never fulfill their deep longing. It goes on and on and on, a continual living from the outside in, chasing every type of physical and emotional pleasure that can never satisfy.


Humanity goes on its unending feeding frenzy, devouring anything within its reach that promises some measure of gratification.

Yet mimicking the folly of a hamster on its wheel, regardless of variety or volume of consumption, the torrent of want cannot be quelled and the gnawing ache persists.

The unprecedented abundance of resource together with the rise of technology has created an environment that has awakened the incessant want of the human soul in heightened measure.

All of humanity has the same inner ache for the infinite; whether Christian or not, we can be defined as having this vast, gaping need in all of us.

There is a fundamental hunger for communion with the infinite God that absolutely nothing else can fulfill.


In this day and age we diagnose our need for fascination and consider our options.

We look to entertainment, fame, power, work, money or relationships. We may even turn to religion. Even religion only deals with the external conditions instead of the heart.

We try everything, but our efforts will all fall short.

Unfortunately, people may not realize that nothing can satisfy their hunger until they have tasted and have experienced and know the love of the Father God, the satisfaction and fulfillment of their inner longing.

It is time to stop looking in all of the wrong places.

God Himself is what we are looking for; the God of the universe, the Uncreated God, your Creator. He is our longing. He is our ache.

I’m not talking about a bunch of hype that is frantic in some sort of worship service and is oftentimes only an outward appearance of fulfillment. I’m talking about the ecstasy that fills your very soul with the beauty and glory of God.

J.I. Packer says, “Once you become aware that the main business that you are here for is to know God, most of life’s problems fall into place of their own accord.”

Once we come to searching the depths of God, all the big issues in our life fall to the wayside. They seem so insignificant in comparison to knowing and searching out God.

AW Tozer says, “The man who comes to a right belief about God is relieved of ten thousand temporal problems.”

Friends, we are all looking for the Infinite, Eternal God. He is waiting for us as well. This is the encounter of a lifetime that has the potential to last for eternity. The choice is up to us.

Now choose Jesus!




Antonio & Christelle Baldovinos | Marriage & Family

Hindsight is looking back at a situation that has already happened, evaluating if something went well or not. Here are some principles that will help singles not only prepare themselves for marriage, but do so without regret.


There is a value deficit in both men and women. We don’t value others because we don’t value ourselves.

You are worthy.


Do not SEEK a mate, but SEEK God. The word single actually means to be whole. So seek God to be made whole and look for another person who is also whole, as you are.


Dating for sport is playing with hearts and is dangerous and sinful. The intent and purpose of dating is for marriage. If you want to marry, you are in preparation right now. Every decision you make, both good and bad, will determine how prepared you are.


Finding a great life mate is an intentional pursuit.

Men: Pursue purity of heart and life. Become proactive, intentional, and find a woman of godly character.

Women: Pursue purity of heart and life. If you are interested in a man who is pursuing you, let him know where he stands with you.


In our culture, 18 year-olds are independent. However, the Bible says a man leaves his father and mother to be joined to his spouse. Parents are responsible before God for their children and so parents provide their children with their covering until they go under another one.

God promises that when we honor our parents, “It will go well with you.” (Eph 6:3). Parents probably know you better than anyone.  If parental counsel is not an option for you, find a godly couple and ask them to mentor you.


Today’s dating culture is just “practicing” separation and divorce. You start to not “like” someone anymore and so you separate, while most likely you have already given your heart away to that person.

“Do not to awaken love until the time is right.” (Song of Songs 8:4)


Even as you are not perfect, neither will you find someone who is perfect. You attract what you are. Be the type of person you want to attract, and you will!


Invest your time on that person that you find attractive physically, mentally, spiritually, emotionally, and in ministry gifts.

To learn more on this subject, you can purchase the teaching CD by Antonio and Christelle called “Kingdom Relationships” where you will hear in-depth teaching on “8 Principles of How to date God’s Way.”




                                   3 KEYS TO HAVE A BURNING HEART

                 Antonio Baldovinos | Excerpt from Living from the Inside Out

It’s not necessarily how you start this journey with God, but how you finish that matters. 

God commands each one of us that the fire on our hearts should never go out. This is probably one of the most important things that I keep focused on in my life.

And the fire on the altar shall be kept burning on it; it shall not be put out. And the priest shall burn wood on it every morning…a fire shall always be burning on the altar; it shall never go out.” (Leviticus 6:12-13)

This verse in Leviticus says that the priests shall burn wood every morning and the fire shall never go out. This is talking about the fire or the presence of God on our hearts.

There are 3 aspects of keeping the fire burning found in this scripture and what they represent:

  1. The altar represents our hearts.
  2. The fire represents the presence of God.
  3. The wood represents the positive things that we put in to keep that fire or intimacy with God alive.


First, what’s important to understand is that the fire is God’s responsibility. He provides the divine fire. He starts the fire in our hearts. However, it’s our job to sustain the fire and not let the fire to go out. 

It’s our privilege to get the wood, which represents doing the natural, positive things to maintain a fire in our hearts.


There were three types of fire found in Leviticus, or piles of wood, for maintaining the fire continually; some were large; the second pile had less, and they called this the pile of incense, because they took from it fire in a censer to burn the morning and evening incense; and the third pile was only for preserving the fire that it might not go out at night. 

These three piles of wood are a prophetic picture for the three basic things we are to do in gathering wood for the fire on our hearts. Here they are:

  1. A life of prayer.
  2. A life in the Word of God.
  3. A life in fellowship with the Holy Spirit.

These three woodpiles represent what is needed for sustaining a heart that is alive or burning for God from the inside out. This is living a life in constant communion with God. 

I encourage you with everything in me to take this advice seriously, to take the steps to “get wood” and sustain the fire on your heart. Don’t just have a faint little light glimmering, but have the indwelling, filling, and empowering, illuminating, nourishing presence of the Holy Spirit of God, “burning” deeply in your heart. This fire should be intense, fervent, and never ceasing!

Antonio Baldovinos, Living from the Inside Out




                                  HOW TO WIN THE WAR OF THE MIND

                Antonio Baldovinos | Excerpt from Living from the Inside Out

Proverbs 23:7 says, “As a man thinks in his heart, so is he.” Is that really true?

The mind is the leader and forerunner of all actions. It is the starting point of how our life goes and who we become. Many problems or sin issues that people experience in their lives are actually produced by, and rooted in, thinking patterns.

The devil begins by bombarding our mind with a cleverly devised pattern of little nagging thoughts, suspicions, doubts, fears, wonderings, reasoning’s, and theories. He studies us patiently and finds our weak points, our vulnerabilities, and any areas void of (or lacking) truth. He knows what we like and don’t like. He knows our insecurities, weaknesses, and our fears.

If we don’t get a handle on the way we think, someone or something else will.

The majority of circumstances in our lives really grow out of the thoughts that we thinkboth good and bad. We often think that we fall subject to the circumstances that come to us, when most of the time it is actually quite the opposite.

While it remains true that some circumstances are out of our control, most of the circumstances we find ourselves in can be attributed to, and are a direct result of, our thinking. Taking control of our thoughts is powerful and can alter our circumstances and change our emotions.

The arena of our mind is critical. Whatever stirs our mind directly impacts our mood and emotions. Our emotions so much of the time affect our decision-making. What we are motivated to do is from the thoughts we think and the way we think as a lifestyle. Our mind gets empowered into the ways of God the very same way it gets pulled into sin.

Fill your mind with God and with thoughts of Him, and watch your motivations change as you get addicted to Him.


You shall love the LORD your God…with all your mind… (Mark 12:30).

How do we really love God with our entire mind? I take this to mean that we direct our thinking in a certain way—toward God. Our thinking should be completely engaged to do all it can to express thoughts that honor God, and that cultivates love for Him and those around us.

And do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. (Romans 12:2)

If we want change or to go a different direction, then we must renew our minds. We do this by intentionally thinking in line with the Word of God and by re-writing the code of our brain with truth that comes from God alone.

Set the direction of your life today toward loving God with all of your mind and watch your life flourish!

Antonio Baldovinos, Living from the Inside Out





Antonio Baldovinos | Excerpt from Living from the Inside Out

Have you ever had a cry in your heart to know God? This is the pursuit of my life, even though weak. It is my privilege, and it is Gods invitation to all of us. 

Searching for and knowing God is the easiest and most difficult objective in life to reach. It’s easy because it’s not done with our intellect. The pursuit of the knowledge of God cannot be done without God Almighty unveiling God Almighty to us. That is the easy part—we just receive Him. 

The difficult part is that there are certain conditions, or heart postures, that will help expedite and sustain us in going deeper in knowing Him. 

First Heart Posture: Purity

“Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God.” (Matthew 5:8) 

Purity is not only outward behavior, but is inward motives. As we pursue purity God sends His grace upon our resolve. The promise found in Matthew is this: we will see God if we walk in purity. Purity does not ‘earn’ revelation of God, but positions us so our spiritual capacity is enlarged to see and know Him. God looks more at the sincerity of your motives to walk in purity than your actual attainment of spiritual maturity. 

Second Heart Posture: Obedience 

“He who has my commandments and keeps them, it is he who loves me.” (John 14:21)

Jesus called us to be perfect in our obedience; this means to be mature or complete in it. The pursuit for full obedience is not the same as attaining it. Our responsibility is to focus on ‘seeking’ to completely obey God, and walk in the light that the Spirit gives us. We trust Gods grace to empower us to ‘attain’ full obedience in an ever-increasing measure. God is looking for your heart to be on Him. He’s not looking for outward perfection, but inward grasping.  

Third Heart Posture: Intentional Dialogue

Experiential and emotional knowledge is what cultivates intimacy. The more you know of a person’s heart and mind, the more you fall in love in an intimate way; knowledge begets intimacy. 

Brother Lawrence in his book, The Practice of the Presence of God, says, “We have to know someone before we can truly love him. In order to know God, we must think about Him often. Once we get to know Him, we will think about Him even more often, because where our treasure is, there also is our heart!”

Cultivate a relationship with the Holy Spirit! It’s impossible without Him. The Holy Spirit is our divine escort to God. 

Fourth Heart Posture: Meditating

“If you…treasure my commands (Word) within you. (Proverbs 2:1)

Meditating on the Word is a way of cultivating intimacy that will take time and effort but is gloriously fruitful. We purposely fill our mind with the Word and even our emotions are affected.

We treasure His Word as we fill our minds with His Word. We dialogue with Jesus as a Person, by conversing with Him as we meditate on the Scriptures; without this heart posture it is impossible to grow in intimacy with Him.

As we set our lives before the Word of God, we will always find delight and joy in the Eternal Word who lives inside us. 

I invite you to ask God to reveal Himself to you. Take these heart postures and consider them. Ask God for His help as you walk them out. 

Antonio Baldovinos

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