OPPORTUNITIES ARE LIKE BUS STOPS: How to stay focused

                               Antonio Baldovinos | Leadership

Opportunities are like bus stops. There is always another one coming.

Focus is a key ingredient to fulfilling goals, plans and destinies. 

Effective leaders put “first things first”. There are many things that can distract you. So re-signing up almost daily to your flight plan is critical. Things like crisis or opportunities try to take us away from our focus. 

You can’t ignore the urgent or the really important matters but you must learn to say “no” to other activities, even those that may seem urgent. “Things which matter most must never be at the mercy of things which matter least” – Johann Wolfgang von Goethe.   

Decide early on what is the highest importance and have the courage to simply say “no”. The best way to look at this is to have a bigger “yes” burning inside you. The enemy of “the best” often distracts with  “the good.” 

In my estimation most people have a lack of focus because they lack vision of where they want to go. Consequently they lack the discipline to get there. 

The basic problem is that their priorities are not implanted because their hearts don’t have a vision burning inside. When you have a vision burning inside you, you are unstoppable and no temptation, emergency, carrot opportunity will deter you from where you are going.

The person who has vision knows the destination and will make every appropriate decision to get there. 

When we want something, we can develop or establish a laser-like focus on it. So aim at only one thing, not multiple things. If something gets in the way that doesn’t support your vision, avoid it unless God has asked you to take it on. 

Effective leaders have focus because they have vision and the discipline to get there.

Here are some key points to help you stay focused: 

1.)  Start with a vision. Create an image of where you want to go. Write it down.

2.)  Make goals and create a plan to get there. Simple and easy.

3.)  Focus on your strengths, not shortcomings.

4.)  Zero in on your vision and work hard.

5.)  When bus stop opportunities come that don’t serve your vision “don’t jump on the bus”. Resist the temptation.

6.)  Remind yourself of your vision when it’s tough, or other things come up. If you didn’t reach your destination; keep the image alive of where you want to go.

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