Antonio Baldovinos | Family & Marriage

Kids do half our good and double our bad. Even if you don’t like that, it’s true.

Looking at your children is a good way to evaluate your habits, priorities and values. Of course, each kid has their own personalities, desires and values, but kids most often reflect you.

Do what I say, not as I do doesn’t work. It didn’t work when you were a kid and it won’t work for your children. My kids don’t even understand the concept of that.

They follow our example.

They do what we do, not what we say to do.

You may be asking, so what should I do? How do I lead better? The answer: lead by example. 

Do what you want them to do and tell them why you’re doing it.


Living by example sounds easy, but it’s a challenge as parents to be consistent with this. Successful parents practice what they preach and are mindful of their actions. They know their children are watching them.

Living by example sets a positive standard of behavior and sets an example for your children to improve. Here are some things that can help you.

1. On the Spot Coaching – when living normal life, on the spot teaching in short segments is a great way of developing your children and shows and tells them what is right and what is wrong. Tell them what the Bible says about what they observe and why its important to pray for that person or situation and also why we need to obey the Bible in every way in our life.

2. Open Communication – Open, frequent, and honest communication is vital in your home. Open communication tells your children the who, when, why, where and what is valued in your home.

3. Watch what you say – Actions do speak louder than words, but words can have a direct impact on so much. You will either bring life or death, and how you speak will be imitated. Even speaking about others makes a great negative impact.

4. Take responsibility – As the saying goes, “it’s lonely at the top”. Great parents know when to accept responsibility for mistakes made. This is a great training for how to teach children to respond with humility. As a parent be quick to repent to your children and watch what God can do.

Parents provide the earliest influence on their children. By modeling leadership in their own lives, parents profoundly affect the kind of leaders their children become.

Lastly, one thing we pray for regularly is for God to cover the holes in our covering. We will all make mistakes and need God’s help and grace to help us in leading our homes. I pray you take these points, consider them and lead by example by God’s grace!