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“Revive our hearts, oh Lord, set them ablaze with Your presence!” This is the cry we have repeatedly heard within the marriages and families concerned for their own homes, neighborhoods, and communities. Nothing thrills our hearts more than the prospect of God’s glory being manifested to our world through the lives of His people.

The resounding cry and heart of this message is not so much against the evils of a lost world, as it is to the heart of the family, which is at the heart of the church. There is a growing desperation, not from a sense of lack, but rather for a singleness of heart, clarity of vision, and purpose for our homes and families.

We believe it’s time to sound an alarm! Set your home ablaze with the power and fire of the Holy Spirit. Joel 2:1 says, “Blow the trumpet in Zion! And sound an alarm in My holy mountain!
For the day of the Lord is coming.” There is a certain sound that initiates movement and awareness. In times past, the trumpet would sound to let the people know that it was time to assemble for war; it signals that it was time to appropriate to our lives our inheritance found in the finished work of Jesus.

Some listen to the alerts of worry, while others are tuned out and complacent in their current cultural and technological surroundings. The problem is that neither are paying attention to the warning system within them, which is activated by the Holy Spirit. When we hear the alarm, we can respond properly, and, as a result, realize victory at the end of any situation. We may not have all the answers, but we will have a peace that passes our understanding. What truly matters in a world like ours is having and keeping this peace, which determines how we will advance in our journey.

God has given us the power of the Holy Spirit to win every battle that carries a threat against our home and family. However, if we are anxiously walking in the fear of the future and are distracted by all of the “stressors” in the world around us, we may possibly miss the warning signs of our heart. We need knowledge, understanding, and wisdom that come from the mouth of God. When our heart is in tune to the voice of the Lord, we will be immovable—we will see the glory of the Lord ablaze in our homes.

We will never forget the first time Antonio and Christelle walked into our TV studio to record programs. As we discussed options for teaching topics, they both lit up as they began to tell us the story about how everything changed when the Holy Spirit caught fire in their home. That kind of passion, beauty, and supernatural expression is as contagious as a fire. It felt like they were double-dog daring us to connect with the Holy Spirit as they intrigued us with their new disciplines and discoveries that set their home apart as a shining example of light. The response was tremendous as people heard hope for their families and a fresh word from God’s heart.
You will experience the power of God in your life when your heart catches fire with the Holy Spirit. His power enables you to be His witness throughout the world, accomplishing a mission and adventure you cannot carry out in your own strength. Jesus promised the Holy Spirit to His disciples just prior to His ascension to Heaven, emphasizing the Spirit’s importance in their lives, homes, and ministry.

As you embark on this adventure of experiencing a “house on fire,” you may be thinking, “Yes, God can involve Himself in families, but I am completely without resources. My family is broken.” If that is you, then you need to know that the less you can do, the more God’s power can accomplish in and through you. Paul learned this secret when God told him, “Power is perfected in weakness” (see 2 Cor. 12:9 NIV). The weaker you are, the better God’s power can perform. Even when you are down, you are never out, despite what the world may say! God’s infinite power can accomplish the seemingly impossible in His plan, in His way, in His time, and in His extraordinary, supernatural power.

Jesus loves to share secrets with the childlike ones, the ones who dependent on Him. Antonio and Christelle have tapped into secrets given to them from Father God’s heart. As your family catches fire for Jesus, and the fire spreads everywhere, it will ignite other hearts and draw them to know, love, and live for the Lord. This book will empower you to experience God’s plan, person, presence, power, and purpose for your family. The presence of the Lord is going to burn on fire for Jesus Christ in your hearts, and your family will never be the same.

Within the pages of this book you will be given an opportunity to activate your faith and invited to walk in restoration and recovery for your home. You will not only avoid the terror of the night and the danger of the day, but your home will experience the true comfort of the Holy Spirit that will set you ablaze, making you a contagious flame of hope to families around the world.
Sound the alarm; your home is about to catch fire with the love of God, and nothing will stand in the way of His dream for your family.

Congratulations to Antonio and Christelle for running with the torch to fight for families! We are honored to be part of your story and thankful to call you our close friends.


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