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There is a great crisis in our generation. Marriages and families are in desperate need. This is the first generation in which children are influenced more outside their home than in it. We believe this book will help bring solutions and strengthen to marriages and homes to this generation! This is a much-needed book in the body of Christ. We are happy that Antonio and Christelle have written House on Fire: Revival Begins in the Home.

Mike & Dianne Bickle
Founders, International House of Prayer, Kansas City

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House on Fire: Revival Begins in the Home by Antonio and Christelle Baldovinos is filled with powerful truth that conveys the magnificence of God. As you immerse yourself in the written words, hope begins to rise and faith is activated causing a YES Lord to flow from your heart. Suddenly your beliefs are aligned with God’s and that which once seemed impossible is now possible. I highly recommend this life-changing book!

Dr. Ché Ahn
Apostle, Harvest Apostolic Center
Apostolic Leader, HRock Church, Pasadena, CA
President, Harvest International Ministry
International Chancellor, Wagner Leadership Institute

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One of the best ways that you can gauge your love for Jesus is to look at the way that you love your spouse and your children. My wife Lindsey and I have had the honor of seeing this truth lived out in the lives of our great friends Antonio and Christelle Baldovinos. Their new book “House on Fire” is a much-needed resource that sheds light on the question that the apostle Paul asks Timothy, “If a man cannot manage his own household, how can he take care of God's church?” I encourage you to light your marriage and family candle on the flame of this book!

Rick Pino
Heart of David Worship and Missions Center
Austin, TX

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The family is the most basic institution of all societies. In the western world it is under a savage attack that I believe is greater than most places of the world. Christelle and Antonio are writing a book that will challenge the status quo and the erosion of the family in nations that have been considered Christian for more than 500 years.  As the authors have a solid marriage, a fruitful ministry they write from a strong foundation both biblical and personal to start a major conversation among Christians making even radical suggestions to stir up not only the thinking but the spirit and hunger for God’s answer and for a movement of transformation of the family and marriage.  May God bless you in your discoveries with Him and may this book be an inspiration for your life and through you to the lives of others.

Loren Cunningham
Founder, Youth With A Mission