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My brother in law, Jonathan Anderson, a young man that I highlyrespect, has written this practical and simple way to engage the Bible. Continue to read…

Have you ever desired to FEEL scripture as you engage it?

As Christians, we understand that the Bible is not just another book on your shelf collecting dust. It is living, breathing, and active, able to penetrate the hardest of hearts and to renew the most depraved of minds.

I know this. You know this. But if we our honest with ourselves does our external lifestyle match this internal belief?

I challenge myself with this question often. Many times I meet this challenge, other times not so much. One day you could find me weeping as I meditate on a single phrase of scripture… and the next day you may find me drooling on 1 Thessalonians (which on one occasion actually happened) fast asleep.

But one thing I have discovered… An explosion of God’s word in our hearts does not come by coincidence.

Did you know that only 10% of the Christian world has had the privilege of reading this book even 1 time through?

Did you know that if you read 1 hour a day for only 72 days you could finish the entire Bible?

This will take time, sacrifice, & endurance, but let us ENGAGE THE WORD!

3 practical questions to ask yourself as you dive into Scripture:

           1)    What will I study? – (Decide beforehand what books, chapters, or sections you will be reading).

          2)    When will I study? – (Set up a sacred time every day. This time must take priority in your schedule. If someone asks if you’re free during this time tell them you are busy. Being flippant in this area will lead to inconsistency.)

           3)    How will I study? – (Reading, Highlighting, Summarizing, etc. Strategize specifically which ways you will approach scripture in study).

Get a piece of paper. Answer these 3 questions and dive into ocean of God’s Word.