WHY I WROTE LIVING FROM THE INSIDE OUT

Do you have a desire to know God for real? He created us with the greatest desire that only He can fulfill. Everything in you and around you screams for this.

You’re not alone.

Why is this so important to me?

Knowing God for myself is the greatest passion of my heart on this side of heaven. Nothing else even compares to having a relationship with the Father. 

This has been my life long search and I want to help others with their own journey. That is why I wrote Living from the Inside Out: Igniting a Life of Intimacy with God


Many Christians began their walk communing with God, but for various reasons, after some time, they negated this reality and have chosen to live their lives as if He doesn’t exist.

The question is why?

Why don’t we commune with the God who made every way possible for us to live a vibrant life with Him?

God not only made a way for us to access His heavenly throne, but most importantly He made a way to His heart.

The fact remains that so much of our lives we simply don’t live out this reality of close relationship with God. 


I believe that we rarely, if ever commune with the God living inside of us because of our wrong view of God.

For many of us, our view of Him gets slanted and we see Him as an angry, disappointed, judgmental God who wants our money, our time and our forced obedience.

Some may feel that they can never make God happy and because of this, they feel this gnawing guilt that results in half-hearted attempts at having a relationship with Him.

One of the biggest keys for communion with God is to view God rightly. So much is hinged on this. If we view God correctly, we will pull near to Him, instead of run away from Him.

That is why I have devoted half of the book to helping realign our view of God, the Trinity, and how He views us in response. If we can grasp this, I believe we will gain a new perspective that will deepen our communion with God. 


God created a sacred space within us that He could inhabit; a place His presence resides. It is no longer God with us, but God within us.

This new book, Living From the Inside Out, is a book that refocuses us from exterior living to interior living, which is the way we were designed to live. God wants to show us we were made for communing with Him

The book chapters include: 

  • Our Original Design
  • Divine Pleasure
  • Theatre of War
  • Breaking Free From a Dull Heart
  • Filled to Overflowing
  • And several others

I can’t wait for you to have a copy of this book. I believe you will be reawakened to God’s great passion over you. The book releases on October 20, 2014.

Get ready to ignite fresh passion for Jesus as you…

  • Figure out why God created you and discover how He sees you
  • Pursue the pleasures that bring you true satisfaction
  • Develop a daily lifestyle of intimacy with the Holy Spirit
  • Walk in victory over sinful desires by building a strong spirit


Experience a whole new level of intimacy with God—in which you view Him more clearly and pursue Him wholeheartedly!

This new book comes out October 20, 2014.