Antonio Baldovinos | Excerpt from Living from the Inside Out

Let me ask you to consider a question to honestly evaluate. Which part of your three part being leads your life?

Does your physical body, with its five senses and appetites? Or how about your emotions, happy or sad, depressed or at peace?

How about your soul, with the constant barrage of thoughts that come to your mind?

What about your spirit man, that is in relationship with your Creator God living on the inside of you?

Which part of your being is leading your life?

You and I are tri-part beings. You are a spirit being. You posses a soul (mind, will and emotions) and you live in a body (with its five senses: taste, see, hear, touch and smell). You’re an eternal spirit that lives in a body.


When I speak about this reality, I like to invite three people on stage with me to show them an example that they can understand.

I first ask for the biggest, strongest man in the room to come to the front. Then I invite a middle-sized person to stand next to him. I end by asking the smallest, skinniest person there to join us up front.

I share the example showing that the biggest and strongest person is going to represent the flesh, or the physical body. This is our “outer court” which the majority of the time we let lead our life.

Secondly, the middle-sized person or the “inner court” will represent the soul, led through our thoughts, emotions and will. Many people are actually led more by their emotions and thought anything else, but for the sake of the example we will leave it at number two.

Finally the small, skinny person represents the spirit man, which is usually not leading anything, but being dragged along succumbing to all our soulish and physical desires. This man, who represents most of our starved spirit men, is not strong enough and is not being fed enough to withstand the soul and flesh.

This is what I call living from the outside. This is contrary to how we were created and is definitely not the best that God has to offer. We were meant to flip these guys around and have the strongest be our spirit, letting the Holy Spirit within us strengthen us as we feed ourselves a rich diet of the Word of God and communion with Him.

So back to the question, which part is leading your life?


Let me clarify how your three part being works together.

When your soul agrees with your spirit, the life of God in you will manifest itself in your physical body. You’ll experience healing, deliverance, anointing, peace, victory, power, joy and prosperity – on and on it goes.

This is inside out living, the best and only 

way to live. Invite the Holy Spirit, to lead your life; speak to Him, get in the Bible, the Word of God and dialogue to Him about what you read. This is the invitation to commune and live from the inside out.